비아트리스 코리아㈜ (구 한국화이자업존) 

[Global Supply Chain] 

Logistics Associate

Viatris Inc. (비아트리스 그룹)는 Global Pfizer Inc. 의 Upjohn 사업부문과 Mylan Inc. 가 기업 결합하여 2020년 11월 16일 부로 설립되었으며, 미국에 본사를 두고 전 세계 165개 이상의 국가에서 4만 5천여명의 임직원이 근무하는 Global Healthcare 회사입니다.

비아트리스 코리아㈜에서는 약 300명의 임직원이 근무하고 있습니다. 비아트리스 출범을 통해 비감염성 질환 영역에서 오랜 기간 쌓아온 Upjohn 의 탁월한 성과와 리더십을 토대로 향후 비감염성/감염성 질환 등 다양한 질환 환자들의 건강한 삶에 기여하고, 헬스케어 업계 및 지역 사회가 더욱 발전하고 성장하는데 최선을 다할 것입니다.

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학력: 4년제 학사 학위 이상 소지자
        (물류, 운송, 공급관리 관련 전공 선호)
경력: 물류 및 통관 분야 2년-5년 이내의 경력 
        (제약 관련 산업군 선호)
월 1-2회 여주 Warehouse 출근 가능자 


Job Description

Role Summary:


Support logistics operations for Viatris businesses in Korea, including local manufactured / sourced products, ensure all performance objectives are achieved, provide strong logistics support to Viatris Korean business growth; 

- Understand and familiar with Viatris’ requirements on Quality, EH&S, Security, BCP and Viatris’ LSP Lifecycle Management Process

- Cooperate with internal/ external stakeholders and partners, build robust collaboration and trust with all parties, and identify operational efficiency improvements

- Cooperate with Logistics Service Provider (3PLs and transportation carriers). Ensure logistics providers to achieve performance objective and comply with Viatris quality, EHS, security and business continuity standards and requirements

  1. - Ensure financial targets are achieved, closely monitor logistics costs and continuously seek for opportunities for cost efficiency
  2. - Participate in planning and implementation logistics-related projects in Korea

[Customs compliance]

- Manage overall Customs clearance process for Viatris Products. 

Identify and monitor duty saving opportunity from Free Trade Agreement

- Monitor and Prioritize Local release schedule

  1. Role Responsibilities:

Domestic distribution (Viatris):

- Establish a robust DC management system, ensure all processes meet with highest standards between local regulatory requirements and Viatris’ standard, always seek for opportunities to enhance operational standards;

- Establish robust work flows and management system, ensure in-transit shipments are identified and closely monitored, all issues are detected, solved or escalated on time, in order to meet and secure market inventory target;

- Build good relationship and trust with internal stakeholders, e.g. commercial, sales, finance, site supply chain, quality, EH&S, ensure all customer requirements are clarified and well implemented in DC operation, continuously support Viatris Korea business growth and increase customer satisfaction level;

- Maintain good relationship with external parties, e.g. local government officer, Local transportation, and LSP, continuously streamline and improve work process;

- Conduct regular ORM with the LSPs with standard approach and format

- Participate in and contribute to local distribution strategy, implement DC expension program whenever there is business needs. Periodically benchmark logistics and Supply operations with other Viatris markets/ Korea industry and regions and with other local companies to identify opportunities.

- In charge of GS1 operations (serialization), ensure GS1 data is handled on time and compliant to local requirement, provide daily operational support to customer inquiries and solve occasional problems;

- Participate in strategic project

- Oversight inbound and outbound delivery operation at Yeoju DC (e.g. goods receipt, shipment, returned goods, recall product)

- Facilitate/ Lead Monthly Operational Review Meeting with LSP

- Manage and oversight cold chain and control subststance with LSP (e.g. inbound, outbound, sales transaction, templature control by using temptale)

- Report transactions in the government management system for control substance (i.e. nacortic product)

- Manage all of redressing activities (e.g. batch record control, material availability check with supplier and Quality, redressing schduele)

- Manage material distribution activities with LSP and Government officer such recall SCT case

- Maintain serialization program  (e.g. serial number provisioning,  commissioning in, serialization error log management and communication with Schenker and Viatris serialization team for problem solving

- Manage template A and B if there is any error and ensure global guidelines are followed

Customs related activities

- Responsible for management of customs related activities and customs agency relationship in Korea

- Identify new processes and methods to facilitate the import clearance and minimize costs while maintaining integrity of the company`s compliance 

- Ensure appropriate classification and declaration of all goods

- Monitor process is compliant for duty savings from Free Trade Agreements

- Ensure record is kept per guideline and support in audits

- Support contract bidding and selection process of customs agency

Financial (Viatris):

- Maintain awareness of financial and cost implications in order to contribute to departmental efficiency and achieve agreed financial objectives

- Identify and implement cost improvement projects (CIP), that are related to local Supply chain operations, while maintaining efficiency and performance levels.

- Manage monthly billing activities from LSP

- Prepare “Request for Destruction” for write-off products and get approval from commercial Lead and finance Lead


Ensure consistent compliance with required regulations, policies and procedures, and Viatris standards This includes all applicable local, US, regional or international laws:

Custom clearance

Quality & Compliance(GDP, EH&S, dangerous goods)

Financial -SOX


- Operations (facilities and conveyance security, Business continuity)

Key Performance Indicators for the Position

- Achieve performance metrics and budget objectives

- Implement projects and changes in line with regulations

Anticipates problems and uses contingency measures to overcome

- Adopt daily operation with global/region Viatris standard with change management and innovative ideas.

- Timely provision of routine data to ensure effective management of logistics providers performance

Appropriate escalation and management of service issues to ensure performance issues are addressed

All documentation is kept-up to date according to relevant legislation and necessary changes to working practices implemented accordingly

- Comply with Viatris standards and policy as well as government regulation

Job Requirements


-  Bachelor or Master’s degree in Operations management, Logistics and Supply Chain or a related field.

- 2 to 5 years of experience in a Logistics and Customs clearance related field preferably in pharmaceuticals industry.

- Excellent communication skills in both English and Korean language, both written and oral; ability to communicate effectively with colleagues and external resources at all levels

- Must be able to work independently and push own agenda and priority amongst a larger group.

- Good interpersonal skills, with a demonstrated ability to interact with all levels of technical and business unit staff.

- Attention to details and quality.

- Experience of an outsourced logistics environment is required. Knowledge of logistics systems, warehousing, order fulfillment, transportation, customer service, and integrated supply chain management required

- Understanding of pharmaceutical policies and regulations in logistics management and distribution

- Understanding Customs compliance policies for Pharmaceuticals.

- Excellent PowerPoint / Excel ability is required

- Passion for future career development and innovative mind-set.


근무형태 : 정규직

근무지 : 서울 > 중구, 경기>여주(월 1~2회)

근무요일 : 주5일

근무시간 : 09시 00분 ~ 18시 00분

급여 : 회사내규에 따름


서류전형 > 면접 > 최종합격

※ 면접일정은 추후 통보됩니다.


2021.12.15(수) 마감 (채용시 마감)

이메일 지원 : KoreaHR@viatris.com 

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